Thursday Recap -- Edie Falco, Marlon Wayans, Nikki Glaser

Seth had Edie Falco, Marlon Wayans and Nikki Glaser on Thursday’s Late Night.

Tonight’s monologue started off with some good news for Hillary Clinton. It also included some jokes on an Ikea wind farm, Jelly Bean flavored milk and, since we LOVE studies here, some information on insomnia. Watch it here.

Fred “started” a charity called Fred’s Buddies. Are you somebody who needs help understanding the denominations of your cash? Watch here. It’s a real time saver.

Seth talked about how excited he is that Stephen Colbert is taking over for Letterman’s Late Show. Watch him talk about the time he went onto his show and get blasted for Northwestern, and why he can’t wait to start the new host hazing.

One day closer to the Mad Men premiere, another episode of Bad Men. Watch Burlington Socks pitched a la Don Draper.

Before Seth went on with the show, he’d feel remised if he didn’t acknowledge some Distinguished People in the Audience. Watch the segment to see a hitman, his witness protection target and Herpesius, the Greek God of herpes.

Edie Falco was Seth’s first guest, and immediately noticed the device that the NSA planted on his desk. They joked about her co-star, Merritt Wever’s acceptance speech, whether or not Nurse Jackie is a comedy and Alec Baldwin’s comedy acting advice. Watch the interview to see just how many restaurants employed Edie before she become a working actress.

Marlon Wayans was on Late Night for the first time, and couldn’t wait to talk about ghost rape. If that’s not enough, watch the interview to see him talk about getting written out of movies, why movies just keep on going there and what it was like coming from a family that takes comedy very seriously.

Comedian Nikki Glaser ended the show, joking about a devastating break-up that she’s going through. Watch here.

Goodbye, internet!

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