Thursday Recap - Al Roker, Jenny Slate, Paul Haggis

The last all-new episode of Late Night this June certainly had viewers talking as the Today show's Al Roker stopped by, followed by actress and comedian Jenny Slate and screenwriter Paul Haggis.

Starting off the show with some odd news, Seth shared that the Smithsonian has created a 3D sculpture of President Obama so lifelike that you can see its pores. But what the museum didn't take into account when creating such a statue was that, now, Vice President Joe Biden won't leave it alone. Another peculiar event: A Virginia woman graduated from high school at the age of 111, prompting Seth to note she graduated with her whole life behind her. Hear more about these events, and the Canadian woman who was arrested for driving Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's SUV with an open container of liquor, in the monologue.

With Late Night taking a two-week hiatus, Seth is gearing up for a weeklong hiking trip with his wife. It's not an ideal vacation for Seth, who is not a fan of being outdoors, so why is he going? "Because you know how rock beats scissors? Being married beats not liking the outdoors," he said.

Making a memorable impression on Thursday's episode were some distinguished guests, including Alex the Amazing, a magician who has been terrifying children across the Midwest by pulling a rabbit out of a cat. Joining Alex was Chrystal Math, a pair of educational gangster rappers, and Erin Jeffries, a telekinetic who couldn't stop herself from levitating Seth's things and even his stage manager. Watch her in action.

Al Roker has been the weatherman for the Today show since 1996, but last year, he hit a career first: oversleeping. The anchor admitted to hitting snooze on his alarm clock and sleeping through his morning show on The Weather Channel, Wake Up with Al. But the incident inspired Roker to create his own app that doubles as an alarm clock. He even drew some of the cartoons displayed in the game himself. Find out more about Roker, including which TV show theme song he uses to psych himself up for Today show broadcasts, in his interview.

Jenny Slate graduated as the valedictorian of her high school and attended Columbia University, but that doesn't mean she was always a stellar student. In fact, the comedian and actress admitted she often smoked marijuana in college and it led her to accidentally signing up for an astronomy class she mistook for astrology. Too stoned to withdraw, in her words, Slate soldiered on, even showing up to class so high one day that she attempted to answer a question by writing on the chalkboard with mittens on. Hear more of Slate's stories, and what it was like working on her new movie Obvious Child, here.

Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director Paul Haggis was so committed to making his current film and passion project, Third Person, that he sold his house. But not to worry, he had another in New York. The film took five years to bring to the screen, and Haggis admitted he was actually inspired by an actress on a previous film set who kept pitching him movie ideas. The Oscar winner also shared that some of his greatest successes have followed failures, like when he was fired as an executive producer on The Facts of Life. Shortly after, he penned the screenplays for Crash and Million Dollar Baby. See Haggis and Seth chat about the writing process.

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