Thursday Recap – Jonah Hill, Laura Dern, Nick Turner

Late Night capped off the week Thursday with an especially star-studded episode featuring Oscar nominees Jonah Hill and Laura Dern as well as comedian Nick Turner.

The monologue covered the day's important issues, as usual. With the NBA Finals kicking off on Thursday, Seth had to take a moment to acknowledge what was at stake during the San Antonio Spurs' face-off against the Miami Heat: the losing city gets set on fire. In Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted as calling former Secretary of State and possible presidential contender Hillary Clinton "weak," which prompted Seth to (sarcastically) wonder why Putin is still single. Hear more about that, and the arrest of one of Kia's dancing hamsters, in the monologue.

Like Martin Short and Larry King before him, Kevin Nealon joined the 8G band, armed with his trusty lute. But a bit of prodding from Seth revealed the actor's real reason for being on the show: to plug his new podcast about the structural engineering of buildings. Yes, you read that right and no, by Nealon's own admission, no one listens to it.

Saturday's Belmont Stakes could produce the first Triple Crown winner in 36 years, but Seth wanted everyone jumping on the California Chrome bandwagon to know he's been rooting for the horse for a long time now, since 2002 actually. In fact, so hardcore is Seth's fandom that he even invented a nickname for himself and other fans. Click here to learn what it is.

With the Tony Awards right around the corner, Seth thought who better to weigh in on Broadway's biggest night than Grown Up Annie? Too bad the former child star was more interested in a pair of Tonys – Danza and Shalhoub – than the actual award show itself. While Annie doesn't have any favorites to win, there's one musical she's actively rooting against: Les Misérables and its star Cosette, her "rival forphan" (former orphan).

Fresh off of an appearance on The Tonight Show, Jonah Hill made his way to Late Night where he and Seth reminisced about the actor's three hosting stints on Saturday Night Live and how the two crafted Hill's recurring character, a 6-year-old insult comic. The actor also chatted about the chemistry between he and 22 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum, whom he described as hailing from "Planet Hot" while he is from "Planet Jew," and watching The Wolf of Wall Street alongside his mother.

Laura Dern set the record straight with her appearance on Thursday: yes, The Fault in Our Stars will make you cry. In fact, the actress, who plays Shailene Woodley's mother in the film, admitted that audiences have started bawling as early as 20 minutes into the movie. Dern also shared stories of working the awards season red carpet with her dad, Bruce Dern, and what it was like starring opposite her mom, Diane Ladd, on the HBO series Enlightened.

Comedian Nick Turner is a Superman fan, but there are a few things about the superhero's tagline he doesn't quite get. For instance, who has ever confused a bird and plane? Why were people unsure of the difference between the two? Especially when one takes off from an airport and one takes off from a branch. The funnyman also told the tale of his recent zoo visit, something he hasn't done in almost 20 years because he assumed Google images had just eliminated the reason people go to zoos. Hear more from the funnyman below.

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