Thursday Recap – Hank Azaria, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Brendan Gleeson

Seth geeked out with some of his favorite people on Thursday's show when Hank Azaria, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brendan Gleeson were in attendance.

Thursday's monologue started off with a nod to National Tequila Day, which lead Seth to reason that Friday can only be Mysterious Leg Bruise Day. "How did I do that? Is that a hoof? Did I get kicked by a horse?" he mimed. In political news, Seth noted that the prime minister of Ukraine announced his resignation. When asked for a reason, he said he wanted to spend more time fleeing Ukraine. Get more news, including Al Roker's reaction to the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, here.

Seth took a moment to thank the security team at 30 Rock after they were called to check out a situation in the Late Night writers' room. The other night, a person reported seeing a small person hanging themselves in the window, when in reality, it was one of the writers' ventriloquist dummies. Seth also thanked the vigilant person who reported the sighting, saying they must've thought a child had put on their finest suit and decided the burdens of life were not worth putting up with anymore. Hear the full story.

It was only a matter of time before Seth decided to air another grievance on-air. This time, he railed against trees, which Seth believes have a superior, holier-than-thou attitude when all they do is stand there with their stupid leaves and stupid branches. But that's not entirely the truth. Find out the real reason why Seth hates trees.

The third installment of FredEx saw Fred putting on a skull hoodie and a wig and answering the question "Do you believe in true love?" Long story short, his character, a surgeon at John Hopskins Hospital, believes in love so much that he says it to each of his patients before he operates on them. Watch Fred's full answer.

Hank Azaria has enjoyed great success as a voiceover actor on The Simpsons, but there's one person who isn't a fan of his voices: his son. The actor, who stars on the second season of the Showtime series Ray Donovan, told Seth his son is always asking him to stop putting on voices when Azaria reads him bedtime stories. Azaria's son is also the reason the actor moved back to New York. Besides exposing him to the culture and the arts, the actor wanted to ensure his son grew up a Mets fan. Find out if it worked.

Mary Lynn Rajskub recently returned to the role of Chloe O'Brian on 24: Live Another Day but while filming in London, she also returned to doing stand-up. The actress told Seth that with no connections to the London comedy clubs, it was difficult for her to even get into such places and, one time, was almost denied entry only to be recognized in the audience later. Rajskub also shared stories from her time as a performance artist, including what fellow artists presented as pieces. Learn why one person jumped from a building into a tree.

Brendan Gleeson's visit to Late Night was a particularly great moment for Seth, who has long been obsessed with Gleeson's 2008 film In Bruges. Seth couldn't help but ask him about shooting in the European city and whether Gleeson would be willing to participate in Late Night's In Bruges week. The actor, whose film Calvary will soon hit theaters, gamely obliged but teased Seth about his obsession. Find out what Gleeson had to say.

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