Thursday Recap – Gerard Butler, Tony Shalhoub, Myq Kaplan

Anything can happen on Late Night and anything did on Thursday when Chris Rock made a surprise appearance. Plus, Gerard Butler and Tony Shalhoub stopped by and comedian Myq Kaplan performed.

After chatting with John Oliver about FIFA the night before, Seth Meyers started Thursday's monologue with a nod to the start of the World Cup - in particular, that someone should let Brazil know since the host country has yet to finish building its stadiums. Seth also shared a new promotion by a Long Island strip club that promises free admission and a complimentary lap dance to all dads on Father's Day. But, warned Seth, it could prove a confusing day for the strippers, who are probably not used to having fathers around. Speaking of confusing, no one was more surprised than Seth when Chris Rock popped by during the monologue. Check out his reaction.

To mark New York's 349th birthday, Seth and the Late Night team purchased an oversized birthday card and collected best wishes from a host of famous faces. Said Billy Joel, "Thanks for literally all of my material," while Brooklyn native Larry King wrote, "We're the same age!" See who else had congratulatory words for New York's milestone year.

Seth's trusty band of statisticians was at it again in another installment of "This Week in Numbers." This time, the team deciphered that though there are only nine days until it's officially summer, there will actually be 400 hours spent driving to the beach, 275 hours spent searching for a place to sit, 150 hours spent moving away from irritating kids and only six minutes spent actually enjoying the beach. 

Gerard Butler is a proud Scot, but unfortunately for him, Scotland's soccer team is not participating in the World Cup. The silver lining? Butler gets just as much enjoyment out of watching Scotland's archrival, England, fare poorly. In addition to being a fan, Butler also recreationally plays the sport and one year, took part in the celebrity charity soccer game James McAvoy chatted about during his Late Night visit. So which actor caused Butler's team to lose? Seth got to the bottom of it.

Tony Shalhoub is the Emmy Award-winning star of Monk, but to Seth, he's the guy who wore mismatched shoes to his wedding. Shalhoub regaled the audience with the tale of how he realized too late that his shoes did not match and made the mistake of telling Seth's brother-in-law, who then proceeded to point out the mistake throughout the night. Luckily for the actor, things are going well in other aspects of his life, like his role in the play Act One, for which he was recently nominated for a Tony.

Stand-up comedian Myq Kaplan (pronounced Mike), a former finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing, let the audience in on a little secret: he has a tattoo, despite his Jewish faith. But why does Judaism forbid its members to get inked? Posited Kaplan, because their God does not approve of mutilating the body, unless it's when a baby boy is just born. Listen to more of Kaplan's set below and learn more about him on his official website.

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