Seth Fields Fan Questions in Reddit AMA

With only five days to go before Monday's Primetime Emmy Awards, Seth took a break from prepping to participate in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

The Late Night host fielded questions on subjects ranging from Saturday Night Live to superheroes. Below, we rounded up a few of his best exchanges:

Question: How could you ask questions like "I'm sorry, Stefon, what is a human magic 8-ball?" with a straight face when Bill Hader couldn't keep it together?

Seth: In my memory I never did. It was so wonderful being out there with Bill. I just felt like an audience member with the best seat.

Question: Any chance you will cameo on Portlandia? Your chemistry with Fred is charming and hilarious!

Seth: The schedule has never worked out but I'm hoping to make it up to Portland soon. I'd love to be there and see Fred do his thing.

Question: Best perk of hosting Late Night?

Seth: A dressing room with my own bathroom.

Question: Do you clear stories you're going to tell on the show with people before you tell them?

Seth: I don't. Eventually I'll get in trouble but so far, so good!

Question: Hey Seth! What part of the Emmys are you most looking forward to?

Seth: The after party!

To hear more from Seth, head to to check out his full AMA. And don't forget to tune into the Emmy Awards, Monday August 25 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on NBC.

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