Recap: Seth Meyers' Funniest Emmys Moments

In his first hosting stint for the Emmy Awards, Seth Meyers started off the awards show strong and continued to keep the laughter coming over the course of the almost 3-hourlong event.

True to his word, Seth skipped singing and dancing in favor of chatting about his favorite TV series during his opening monologue. But that doesn't mean he kept the humor jab-free. Noting that the Emmys were occurring on a Monday to avoid conflicting with MTV's Video Music Awards, Seth mused how weird it is that the cable network still puts on a show honoring music videos though it airs none. "That's like network TV hosting an award show and giving all of the trophies to cable and Netflix," he quipped.

Going on to describe this year's group of nominees, Seth explained, "We had comedies that made you laugh and comedies that made you cry … because they were dramas submitted as comedies." Watch the entire opening below:

Later in the show, Seth teamed with Billy Eichner, host of Billy on the Street, for a special Emmys edition of the series. Surprising New Yorkers all around the city, Seth witnessed firsthand as people declared their preference for Jimmy Fallon or didn't recognize him altogether. One woman couldn't even correctly identify the Emmy Award without mumbling her way through her response. Check it out:

Finally, to put his A-List guests in attendance at ease, Seth took some time during the show to field questions from the audience about the Emmys. Jon Hamm wanted to know when the Emmys would air, Melissa McCarthy had some concerns about the parking situation and Andre Braugher was wondering if he could go to the bathroom. Watch Seth set them straight:

But wait! Seth surprised us all with an additional endearing moment as soon as he walked off the Emmys stage. The Late Night host completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge before heading backstage and changing out of his tux. See Seth get iced:

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