Monday Recap - Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, Gilbert Gottfried, Kip Moore

Seth's back! Following a weeklong hiatus, Late Night returned with an all-new episode featuring Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and a performance from country star Kip Moore.

With a week's worth of news to catch up on, Seth dove right in, weighing in on the potential purchase of the LA Clippers by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and newly unearthed footage of Justin Bieber telling racist jokes to friends. But what's the real takeaway from the video? That Justin Bieber has any friends, mocked Seth. Elsewhere, the funnyman revealed that Game of Thrones star Lena Heady had spoiled parts of Sunday's episode two months in advance. Click here to find out what she did and see more from Seth's monologue.

With Fred unable to join the 8G band on Monday's episode, a familiar face stepped in: Bill Nye the Science Guy. The TV star was happy to lend his musical talents to Late Night but wondered if he'd overstepped when he'd indulged at craft services. Not to worry, said Seth, but things took a weird turn when Nye revealed what he had in store for his next trip to the table. Find out why it involves a suitcase.

A longtime Boston Red Sox fan, Seth shared that one of his recent appearances in conjunction with New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter had changed his mind about vehemently hating the Sox's rival team. He recounted how Jeter had hosted Saturday Night Live during his time as a writer and won him over with his great attitude and personality. As a result, he was invited to attend a charity gala on behalf of Jeter's foundation and spent even more time surrounded by Yankees greats. Surprisingly, Seth said he ended up enjoying himself despite his allegiances - until his wife pointed out why that was the case. Learn Alexi's reasoning here.

A new week also meant a new installment of Venn Diagrams. In the latest round, Seth pointed out the overlap between Game of Thrones and a Twitter post (they both have 140 characters), James Franco and James Franco's Instagram account (they both need a filter) and Apple orchards in the fall and nudist colonies. Can you guess what they have in common? Click here to find out.

Making a rare joint appearance, Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman and wife Megan Mullally visited Seth to discuss their upcoming projects and what it's like working together. The pair talked about meeting on the set of a play nearly 20 years ago, their recently ended off-Broadway run of Annapurna and their upcoming comedy tour, Summer of 69 – "no apostrophe," clarified Mullally. The actress also announced her return to the Great White Way in the fall, opposite Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, and Offerman revealed some insight into his 10 Tips for a Prosperous Life concert film. Listen to their interview here and – bonus – click here to see Mullally rap.

Gilbert Gottfried was the sole second guest on Monday, but his seat felt crowded thanks to the array of impressions he brought with him. The comedian wasted no time teasing Seth about his young age but soon shifted his sights to Jerry Seinfeld and Liam Neeson. He put on his best Irish accent to mimic Neeson's in a string of films in which the actor must rescue his kidnapped daughter, then copied Seinfeld's signature delivery to discuss how comedy has become less politically correct than in his day. Watch the impressions here and click here to learn why Gottfried had to buy his own domain name from a guy in Thailand.

Kip Moore, whose debut album, Up All Night, was released in 2012, helped everyone in the Late Night audience get a lil' bit country with his performance of new single "Dirt Road." The song will be featured on his upcoming second album and Moore can be found hitting the road this summer alongside Tim McGraw. Get a list of upcoming tour dates here and check out his performance of "Dirt Road."

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