Monday Recap - Kate McKinnon, Pete Rose, Betty Who

On Monday's episode, Seth welcomed Kate McKinnon and Pete Rose to Late Night; plus singer Betty Who made her television debut.

Seth started off the show by recapping the weekend's biggest sports news, from Germany's World Cup win to LeBron James' decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He also noted that Brazil's coach had resigned following the team's 7-1 loss to Germany. Joked Seth, the coach said he wanted to spend more time focusing on not being murdered. In other news, an Irish woman was banned from bingo for dealing cocaine and a woman was found to have developed a severe allergy to her husband's sperm. Get the details in the monologue.

In case Seth needed something to talk about on Monday's show, his flight back from LA over the weekend proved full of stories. During boarding, a woman approached Seth as if she knew him and then made noises at him. Later, she pointed Seth out to a flight attendant and instructed the attendant to make sure Seth was treated properly. Next, she brushed Seth's temple. Listen to him explain.

A good slogan is hard to forget, which is why Late Night decided to lend a hand and help a few common items out with new ones, free of charge. First up, Zippers, whose slogan, according to Seth, should read, "Buttons for dummies." Likewise, buttons would be better advertised with the saying, "You can't get your penis stuck in a button." See more new slogans in the clip.

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon visited Late Night on the heels of her Emmy nomination. Asked by Seth where she was when she found out she was nominated, McKinnon revealed she was having a fever dream about the Orange Is the New Black cast. Later in the interview, the comedian revealed she had to apologize to a cat shelter following a sketch with Charlize Theron in which they both portrayed cat shelter employees in a disparaging light. Find out what got McKinnon in trouble.

Former Major League Baseball player Pete Rose, who played with and managed the Cincinnati Reds, chatted with Seth about the current state of the game, and he didn't hold back. Rose said players today are so padded, it's impossible for them to get hurt. When Seth mentioned how frequent Tommy John's surgery is, Rose shot back that's for pitchers – and he hates pitchers. Plus, the legendary player, who is the MLB's all-time hits leader, revealed what advice he's been giving Alexander "A-Rod" Rodriguez as he waits out his suspension. Check it out.

Australian singer Betty Who made her television debut with her performance of "Somebody Loves You." The song first gained a following after it was featured in a viral proposal video. Betty Who's first album, The Movement, was released independently in 2013 and her second, Slow Dancing, came out earlier this year. Learn more about her by visiting her official website

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