Monday Recap - Joan Rivers, Josh Meyers, Rixton

Monday's brand new episode saw Seth's brother, Josh, stop by the show. Plus: Joan Rivers chatted about her new book, and Rixton performed.

Seth started the show by wishing President Obama a happy 53rd least if you believe his birth certificate, he joked. The Late Night host also weighed in on rumors that Ghostbusters might be rebooted with an all-female cast. See what he had to say in the monologue.

Over the weekend, Seth spent time with both his family and his wife's family, and seeing the two together really highlighted the differences between them. For example, to pass the afternoon, the Meyers prefer to read, while Seth's wife's family, the Ashes, enjoy singing karaoke on their porch. Hear Seth rate his in-laws' karaoke skills.

In Late Night's latest installment of Extreme Dog Shaming, Seth exposed some pups who have done unspeakable things. For instance, one sweet-faced pooch sold Molly to his niece. Another corrected someone's grammar during a eulogy. Find out who else has been a very bad dog.

Joan Rivers wasted no time delving into inappropriate humor with her Late Night visit. First, she explained to Seth why Anne Frank should be more grateful about being a best-selling author. Later, she described her daughter Melissa as the gay son she never had and quipped that there's no better cleanse than drinking a glass of water in Mexico. Watch Joan in all of her uncensored glory.

Seth's second guest of the evening was none other than his brother Josh - though Seth and Josh admitted they never refer to each other by their real names but rather the nicknames "Poshie" and "Soufie." The two chatted about their recent trip to Comic-Con, which Josh admitted to hating. He also said knowing people dressed in costumes could approach them at any moment made him wary and forced him to act as Seth's security detail. Hear more about Seth and Josh's brotherly bond.

British band Rixton, comprised of members Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin, performed new single "Wait on Me" during Monday's episode. The group's debut album, featuring the single "Me and My Broken Heart," will be released later this year. Watch Rixton perform below and check out their official website for more information.

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