Monday Recap -- Jeremy Piven, Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, New Politics

Late Night was back with a power Monday that featured guests Jeremy Piven, Mike & Mikes Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, as well as a performance from New Politics.

Seth opened the show with a topical monologue that included the best chess joke in late night. Watch the entire monologue that covers Game of Thrones, tipping smart cars over, and of course, Seths perpetual hatred towards kale. Watch here.

Fred had a friend playing with the 8G band, Eleanor Friedberger. Fred started a low cost airline, Halloween Airline, which depending on how good of a costume you have, the flight attendant will allow you admission to the flight that will fly you to Halloween themed destination. Watch here.

Seth made it clear to us that there are very few things that are improved by being on the beach. Specifically, paddle boarding, but it might have something to do with the fact that Seth is bad at it. Watch Seth recall his experience here.

The audience got a reminder to mark your calendars for 48 weeks from now when its finally okay to talk about True Detective. In a similar fashion, Seth let us know how he enjoyed Game of Thrones by just saying the title with weighted inflection. Also excited about the upcoming season premiere of Mad Men, Seth debuted a sneak peak into Bad Men. Watch it here.

In How They Reported It, we got to see how different news sources covered global warming. Watch the segment, which includes the point of view from eager CNN, jaded Popular Science and the biased The Moscow Times.

Jeremy Piven was Seths first guest, and wanted to clear the air that Mr. Selfridge is not British, but it is the favorite thing hes ever done. Perhaps the most refreshing element of the role is that fratty guys wont approach him proclaiming that Ari Gold is the reason theyre a-holes. Watch the entire interview to see how Jeremy has finally earned street cred from his mom and why he prays to the testosterone gods.

Next up on the show was Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic of the ESPN Radio show, Mike & Mike. Theyre sort of like an old married couple, in that they bicker for hours and are seldom intimate. Seth, having gone to Northwestern, raised the issue of college athletes looking to unionize. Mike and Mike, like that old married couple they claim to be, had different views on the matter. Watch the extended interview to see where each stands.

New Politics closed out the show with their hit song, Tonight Youre Perfect off of their A Bad Girl in Harlem album. Watch the performance here.

See you tomorrow!

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