Monday Recap - Carson Daly, Penn & Teller, Christina Perri

Monday's brand new episode of Late Night featured appearances from Carson Daly and Penn & Teller and a performance from Christina Perri.

Seth started off the monologue with a weekend revelation: The New York Times came out in support of legalizing marijuana. Said Seth, someone told the paper that marijuana users are really into buying papers. In global news, Dubai started giving children gold as an incentive to lose weight and a U.K. designer created furniture that mimics the smell and feel of human skin. Hear what Seth had to say about it in the monologue.

To promote the second season of the animated series The Awesomes, Seth attended Comic-Con over the weekend with his brother Josh. While the pair was walking down the street, Josh, who was carrying beef jerky, got heckled by a person who was surprised to see someone with jerky. Said Seth, with everything else going on, including zombies walking around, jerky is what felt out of place? Get the rest of Seth's Comic-Con experience here.

Speaking of Comic-Con, Seth weighed in on the announcement of new Game of Thrones characters with a few more names he'd like to see featured in the upcoming fifth season. First up: The Mound, a morbidly obese musician (and the third Clegane brother) who prefers to sit in taverns and sing songs about lemon cakes. Meet the rest of GoT's new characters.

The start of the week was the perfect time for another Late Night round of Venn Diagrams. Seth discovered that what you hear at the Emmys and what you hear during a one-night stand is surprisingly the same thing: wrap it up. See more comparisons, including what Hillary Clinton and a hybrid have in common, in the segment.

Carson Daly is the host of The Voice, has his own talk show, Last Call with Carson Daly, and is one of the anchors of the TODAY show. So how does he find time to explain to his kids that they're soon going to be joined by another brother or sister? "We bribe our kids," Daly told Seth, explaining that he and his pregnant wife present their children with gifts and say it's from the new arrival. That way the kids think their mom is giving birth to Santa Claus, joked Daly. Elsewhere in his interview, Daly spoke about new Voice judges Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani and just how far Blake Shelton goes to mentor his contestants. See what he had to say.

Having appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon, Penn & Teller paid Seth a visit on Monday and shared insights into their 40-year partnership. Said Penn, the trick is that the two don't socialize with each other outside of their work commitments, including their new show for The CW, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. On the show, Penn & Teller observe a magician perform a trick and see if they can figure out how it's done. Watch the two perform a card trick for Seth and see if you can guess how they did it.

Christina Perri took the Late Night stage to perform her new single "Burning Gold." The singer is probably best known for her song "A Thousand Years," which was featured on the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Perri's most recent album, Head or Heart, was released earlier this year, and the singer will soon be heading on tour with Demi Lovato. Visit her website for more info.

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