Monday Recap - Brian Williams, Chrissy Teigen, Charli XCX

He's back! After a two-week hiatus, Seth returned to Late Night on Monday and welcomed fan-favorite guests Brian Williams, Chrissy Teigen and Charli XCX to Studio 8G.

During Seth's vacation, the U.S. World Cup team was eliminated from contention, but goalkeeper Tim Howard set a record with 15 saves in the match against Belgium. Too bad, quipped Seth, Howard couldn't beat the all-time leader in saves: Jesus. But it wasn't all bad news over the past two weeks, especially for Game of Thrones fans who still can't master the pronunciation of the show's characters. Now, they have a fun new scapegoat: soon-to-be-released Game of Thrones wine. Hear more of Seth's take on current events in the monologue.

It's been six weeks since last Seth chatted with Fred, but that doesn't mean Fred's life has gotten any less unbelievable. The 8G bandleader revealed on Monday's episode that he found a message in a bottle while he was away, one purportedly written by a Midwestern sailor who can't seem to locate his ship. Seth, on the other hand, wasn't so easily convinced, especially given how the note kept referring to "driving" the ship.

Despite all of his protests, Seth did go through with the hike his wife Alexi had planned. And it seems she found a clever way to make her husband enjoy the trip. While traversing across Switzerland, France and Italy, Alexi signed up Seth, his brother and his brother's girlfriend, who also came along, to stay in hiker's hotels where 10 people shared one set of bunk beds. Noted Seth, when that's what it's like being indoors, the outdoors isn't so bad.

Before returning to work, Seth and Fred got a chance to reconnect over the weekend at the wedding of their friend and fellow Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney. But the event was not without its stresses for Fred, who had to push his car the whole way to get there. What happened? Nothing, Fred just prefers it that way.

There's nothing Seth loves more than finding the commonality between two seemingly unrelated things, so in the latest installment of Venn Diagrams, he set out to show the similarity between the World Cup and your mother being happy with her meal at a restaurant. Answer: Things that happen ever four years. Watch the segment for more examples.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams made his second appearance on Late Night and got straight to the business of ribbing Seth for milking his vacation stories for his monologue. Instead of spending his holiday sharing space with an Italian tourist, Williams shared he spent the 4th of July at the Jersey shore with his family and that he's officially earned an invitation to his daughter's The Bachelorette viewing parties. Find out Williams' thoughts on Andi Dorfman and why she's an improvement over Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis.

In the second portion of his interview, Williams got serious when discussing his covert interview with Edward Snowden in Russia. The newsman explained how he had to fly through London, and he was warned there would be difficulties along the way. Case in point: his bag was held in the British capital, and up until just hours before Snowden arrived, Williams thought he would have to conduct the interview in his terry cloth bathrobe. Get the full story here.

She recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, but truth be told, Chrissy Teigen doesn't take modeling very seriously. "I'm paid a good amount of money to not blink for 12 hours," she said. But her most recent gig, that of judge on the MTV reality cooking show Snack-Off, is one Teigen threw her whole body into. From Texas Toast with an oyster on top to boiled mayonnaise, learn which foods Teigen had to keep down.

After performing "Fancy" with Iggy Azalea earlier in the year, British singer and songwriter Charli XCX returned to Late Night to sing her own hit single, "Boom Clap," off of The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. Watch her live rendition and learn more about Charli XCX by visiting her official website.

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