Friday Recap -- Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush and Michael Che

Late Night with Seth Meyers ended its premiere week with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush and stand-up comedy from Michael Che.

Seth’s monologue touched on 50 year old bisexuality, alcoholics, praying women and Miley Cyrus’ backstage pass. Watch the full version for much, much more.

Tonight, Fred Armisen’s lies are starting to get a bit out of hand. We heard a snippet of his 30 minute version of the new theme song for Girls. Watch here.

Seth realized that for the first time he will be able to watch SNL at 11:30. But very quickly came to a different realization that there’s no way he’ll be staying up to watch SNL now that he has a normal job. Sunday with coffee and the NY Times like an adult it is.

In segment Next Week’s News, Seth and his sidekick Dale predicted the future news based on current events. Seth had more luck than Dale, but Dale certainly had more fun than Seth.

Then, the bestiest friends in the whole world, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart joined the show. We got to see some great Instagram photos from the duo as well as a “Chat Show” take-over where Ian took over as host and Patrick took over as band leader. Seth was pretty upset at how much better Ian is at this.

Chicago PD’s Sophia Bush was next up. She chatted about the SVU crossover episode, acting in the freezing winds of Chicago and a story they shared on an airplane. Watch the rest of the interview here.

Michael Che performed stand-up to close out the show.

Make sure to check out the full episode for this, and much more!

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