Friday Recap -- Christian Slater, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Andy Daly

Late Night closed out the week with guests Christian Slater, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andy Daly.

Seth's monologue featured jokes ripped from the headlines, on topics such as Pi Day, cats getting high, Oscar Pistorius and Pinkberry. Watch here for more.

Fred talked about the photo exhibition of his work, Extreme Close-ups. It's very close shots of cement, also known as blackness. Watch here.

Watch to see Seth make Northwestern an offer they can't refuse. SPOILER ALERT: they refused.

Before Seth brought out his guests, he decided to recognize some distinguished guests in the audience. From Nobel Prize winners to pretzel nemesis to the descendant of the inventor of the door, there may have been a miscommunication somewhere. Watch here.

Christian Slater was the first guest, and Seth couldn't help but confess that he tried speaking like his character form Heathers to try to pick up girls. Slater admitted that he had a similar run-in with Harrison Ford. Watch the interview here.

Neil deGrasse Tyson talked about his new show, Cosmos, where he wants to empower people to know science and go forth in the world. They also chatted about his selfie with President Obama and Bill Nye the Science Guy, his appearance in the Superman comic and his theories on the multiverse, where perhaps Fred isn't such a liar. Watch here.

Pluto interrupted the next segment demanding Neil tell him to his surface that he's not just a surface. After Neil gives him a nice, heartwarming speech, it's clear that Pluto just isn't going to get it. Watch here.

Andy Daly finished off the show making his first talk show appearance ever. They talked about his upcoming Comedy Central series, Review, where he rates life experiences such as divorce, cocaine and prom. Watch here to see Andy NOT announce a second season like fellow Comedy Central creators prior.

See you next week!

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