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The Semifinals: Night 2

It's the second and final semifinals night, and the comics last chance to make the Top 10. Mentor Wanda Sykes is on hand to help the 14 semifinalists hone their sets to be the very best they can be. At the end of another hilarious night, only five of America's funniest stand-up comedians can advance to the challenge rounds. Here are the highlights:

Part-time dog walker Lachlan Patterson wants to be a full-time comic. Mentor Wanda wants him to work on his segues between jokes. He might look like a mannequin, but when it comes to dating, communication isn't Lachlan's strong suit. Nevertheless, Roseanne thinks Lachlan can win the whole deal.

Wanda advises Zainab Johnson to back off her rape jokes, so she concentrates on the confusion her bald head generates in men. Watch Zainab's full set here.

D.C. Benny loves to tell a long story rather than a lot of jokes, so Wanda warns him to keep it accessible. Watch D.C.'s hilarious biscuit story here.

Jasper Redd has always looked up to the penny as the black man's representative on money. Watch Jasper's story of the penny here.

Emily Galati has stories of safety in America, and serial cheater Tyree Elaine has the rules for how to cheat on your man. And Dave Landau finally knows his wife's price range... Watch Dave's full set here.

After receiving advice from Wanda that will last a lifetime, Nikki Carr makes a case for wrongful termination over fried chicken. Watch Nikki's full set here.

Dana Eagle describes herself as a gay bipolar Jew with a lazy eye. Watch Dana's full set here.

Gerald Kelly makes tales of his divorce a laughing matter. Watch his full set here.

Erin Jackson has a unique, inexpensive method for allergy testing. Alingon Mitra knows that men want to see women naked, and women want to see men... in a suit. Watch Alingon's full set here - and check out his set for Comic Comeback here.

Wanda advises laidback grandpa Rocky LaPorte to pick up his pace while telling his story of a visit to the lamest zoo on the planet. Watch Rocky's full set here.

Rod Man brings his uncontainable energy to his session with Wanda, who advises him to trim. He kills with his set on driving in LA.

After much deliberation, judges Roseanne, Russell and Keenen deliver their five top picks: Nikki Carr, Rocky LaPorte, Rod Man, Lachlan Patterson and D.C. Benny will move on to next week's sketch comedy challenge, mentored by the incomparable Cheryl Hines.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 22:00
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Short Synopsis

In the conclusion of the semifinals round, Wanda Sykes mentors the contestants as the field is whittled down to 10.