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Season Premiere

America's funniest competition returns with a two-hour premiere, new host JB Smoove and three new celebrity judges, Roseanne Barr, Russell Peters and Keenen Ivory Wayans. For Season 8, the shows' producers invited 100 comics from all over the country to participate in the preliminary "invitational" competition, to take place over the first four episodes. Tonight, the first 50 will present their stand-up sets to the judges to see whom will be selected to go on to the semifinal round of competition.

Highlights and judges' favorites from Night 1 include:

Dave Landau contemplates fatherhood and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, where kids worship a mouse like it's their god.

Louis CK told college comedian Tracey Ashley to get on the road and get funny, so she did, along with getting a little crazy.

Rod Man has a lot to say about shopping - including how stores are promising rewards, which amount to nothing more than an incredibly wrong receipt, and tricking consumers into buying bags and self checkout. Watch Rod Man's set here.

New York comedian Lynne Koplitz talks about her mentor, Joan Rivers.

Dave Stone gives us a tour of the home that enables him to pursue his career: it's his van.

Former janitor Mark Normand has a lot to say about 3D mopping. Watch Mark Normand's set here.

Aida Rodriguez has opened for judge Russell Peters before, and he senses her nerves; but Keenen didn't hear a word she said. He advises her to tone down her voluptuous beauty.

Joe Machi has a unique style of delivery, which lets this joke pay off: "Have you guys ever noticed that black people and white people... are the same? Because if you haven't you are a racist." Meet Joe!

The judges select six of Night 1's 25 comedians to move on to the semifinals. They are: Dave Landau, Tracey Ashley, Mark Normand, Rod Man, Aida Rodriguez and Joe Machi!

HIghlights and judges' favorites from Night 2 include:

Erin Jackson's mom has a funny take on the internets.

Comedy Store regular Jimmy Shubert has been doing stand-up for 25 years, and he has a lot to say about cannibalistic food. Watch Jimmy's story here.

Vancouver native Lachlan Patterson lives in Venice, California where he surfs and walks dogs all day and performs stand-up all night. His favorite food? Buffet!

Gloria Bigelow puts the word ghetto in context: crudites aren't ghetto - but naming your kid Crudites is. Watch Gloria's set here.

Patrick Susmilch loves prescription drug commercials for home catheters. Watch Patrick's set here.

Shakir Standley has a lot to say about churros. Watch Shakir's set here.

What's Mike Vecchione's problem? He looks too much like a cop. Watch Mike's set here.

Stand-up comedian Jasper Redd loves to get socially lubricated, but he draws the line at 1800 tequila, because that was not an especially good year for black folks...

After Ben Kronberg spends the beginning of his set looking at his phone, Roseanne throws down, telling him he's arrogantly wasting time. It feels as if he doesn't respect his audience.

Pat Regan is the only comedian of the night who brings a guitar. Watch Pat's set here.

Nick Guerra is the last comic of the night, and he kills it, explaining in great detail how women rove the clubs at night with a strategy.

The judges select a whopping eight of Night 2's 25 comedians to move on to the semifinals. They are: Erin Jackson, Jimmy Schubert, Lachlan Patterson, Mike Vecchione, Jasper Redd, Dana Eagle, Tyree Elaine and Nick Guerra!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 22:00
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Last Comic Standing



Short Synopsis

Hosted by JB Smoove, the Emmy-nominated series resumes its search for the funniest comic in the country, with new judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters.