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Finals: Top 5 to 4

Backstage before the show's taping begins, JB catches Russell exiting the Judges' Lounge with a delicious-looking cup of coffee. JB wants to get himself some coffee, but Russell informs that the Judges' Lounge is for judges only. That's when People's Court Judge Marilyn Milian closes the door behind her, and Roseanne walks up, creating a judge sandwich with JB in the middle. There are a lot of other judges in that room, and no matter what - JB's not getting inside. Watch this scene now!

Tonight, the Final 5 will be whittled down to four - it's the first of the finals rounds, and the comics are heading back to their stand-up roots. Luckily, they'll get some help from the surprise comedy mentor of a lifetime - Jay Leno! JB pretty much abducts the contestants, loading them into a limo to a plane to a limo, which speeds them to Las Vegas to a round table in a hotel dining room. Jay brings the weight of his several decades of stand-up experience to work in an AMA, inviting the finalists to ask whatever questions they want. It's all in the name of stoking the comedy fires for an evening of stand-up at the Saban Theatre, where the judges will pick four to continue on to the next finals round.

Joe Machi is the first performer of the night, and he's got a lot of unusual observations for the audience, aka "gang." For instance, Joe thinks John Lennon's song "Imagine" is really about how terrible John Lennon's imagination was - all he can picture is religious intolerance! The judges love Joe's joke writing, and they're rather amazed he's still bringing new material to the competition. Watch Joe's entire, uncut set right here.

Rod Man presents the second set of the night, and he focuses on the real terrorists of the airways: babies. Have you ever noticed we treat cute babies differently than we do babies who are "going through changes"? Rod Man's nephew was born after only seven months, and he's not sure this baby is truly "ready to be out." No one is like Rod Man according to Roseanne; he's just hilarious and getting hilarious-er. Who gets away with making fun of ugly babies? Keenen thinks the set was sheer perfection. Watch Rod Man's entire uncut set right here.

Rocky takes the stage with tales of growing up Italian in Chicago, and clearly everything they say about Chi-town is true. Russell's in stitches the entire time - he just loves Rocky's work. Watch Rocky's entire set right here.

Nikki never wanted to be a lesbian - she wanted to be a trophy wife. Is it her fault nobody wants a Heisman? Roseanne tells Nikki that she's truly singular and always brings her enormous heart. Russell thinks she killed with her set, and Keenen loves her honesty. Watch Nikki's entire uncut set right here.

Lachlan is the night's closer, and he starts out talking about life in Venice, California. Lachlan has a lot of issues with his mail, especially when there are wedding invitations in it - which he thinks are more like subpoenas. Russell and Roseanne admire the way Lachlan built his set, escalating all the way to the final joke, which circles back to the first. In fact, Roseanne wants Lachlan to amp up his snark, making it even meaner. Watch Lachlan's entire uncut set right here.

The judges have a tough, tough job. After great deliberation, Keenen has final thoughts to share: the judges' decision is based on their performances. Everyone on the Last Comic stage is headed for stardom, no matter what. In the end, it's time to say goodbye to Rocky - but you'll be able to see him on the Last Comic Standing Tour, coming soon to a city near you!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 22:00
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Last Comic Standing



Short Synopsis

Special guest Jay Leno holds a comic roundtable, kicking off the first finals round as the contestants return to the stage.