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Challenge 3: Universal Tram Experience

JB gathers the remaining six finalists at the Last Comic Standing Workspace at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk to announce the challenge - Tram It All In. Each of them will take a turn acting as a tram tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood, and the tram occupants will choose a winner. On a break from America's Got Talent, Howie Mandel is on hand to mentor the contestants this week!

According to Howie, this challenge is all about improvisation, which is most of what he does. Be in the moment, no fear and just do it: these are Howie's rules of improvisation. Howie meets with the finalists one-on-one to investigate how they can make their particular mark. After a short prep period, JB hustles the contestants over to Universal Studios, and the tour is off and running,

Lachlan is voted the best tour guide, winning immunity - which means, sadly, that it's time for the comics to vote for which other comic to eliminate this week. Since Joe has the most votes against him, he's headed for the head-to-head showcase for sure. In a switch, JB explains that Joe can only choose a comic who cast a vote against him - either Monroe or Nikki. Joe wants to go to the bathroom, but instead he chooses Monroe. Before the showcase that night, Joe and Monroe have dinner with Roseanne, who's got plenty of advice: whoever gets the most laughs in a row closest to the end of their set for a big finish will win.

Joe's the first to perform, and he takes control of The Improv with a set on herpes, Hitler and picking fights with a guy in a wheelchair. The judges love it, and Roseanne sums up Joe's set in a single word: "Balls."

Monroe's set is fast and smart, with killer jokes touching on racism, black Batman, homophobia and same-sex encounters among bears. Russell and Roseanne agree - Monroe completely blew them away. Keenen, Roseanne and Russell agonize and agonize, only to arrive at a deadlock. So rather than choose, they ask Joe and Monroe for a Last Comic Standing first: two more minutes of comedy from each of them!

After it's over, the two contestants congratulate each other on a job well done backstage, while the judges return to deliberations. The problem is - they still feel the same way. They can't make a decision, so they call in the show's producers. Joe and Monroe love that they've made the judges' job difficult. Finally, JB calls them to the stage to announce it's time for sudden death: each comic will have one minute to do one bit... starting now. Joe kills it with a bit about gun control and the founding fathers, which has Roseanne howling. Monroe keeps it short and sweet, which may be why the judges ultimately choose Joe as the night's winner. And of course, Monroe isn't done - he's moving on to the online Comic Comeback competition.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 22:00
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Last Comic Standing



Short Synopsis

Mentor Howie Mandel helps the seven finalists become tour guides for the famed Universal Studios tram tour.