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Challenge 2: Talk Show

After last week's surprise double elimination, only eight comics remain. Tonight, those eight will try to prove they're ready for the big time as mentor Wanda Sykes prepares them to compete for a coveted guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


JB assembles the finalists to explain The Ready for the Big Time Challenge. Each of the finalists with be pre-interviewed by a producer for Ellen's show. That producer will select three of the eight to appear on Ellen's show and Ellen's audience will pick the challenge winner, who will be granted immunity from elimination. Luckily, mentor and talk show veteran Wanda Sykes is back to coach the finalists through the pre-interview. The producer needs to know what the comics intend to talk about on Ellen's show - and they're going to need to be funny! And since this is a daytime talk show appearance, they're going to have to keep it clean.


After limited prep time, JB announces that it's time for the phone call pre-interviews to begin. Wanda listens in and reacts to both good and not-so-good ideas. Her job done, Wanda leaves the set - and so does JB, telling the finalists they'll have to wait to find out who made the cut. The next morning at the crack of dawn, JB knocks on the finalists' hotel room doors, posing as a maid. After the finalists have some breakfast, JB announces that Monroe, Rod Man and Nikki will be the three guests to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Wanda surprises the trio backstage for a few final words of advice: listen, relax and above all be funny. Little do they all know, JB is out onstage dancing for Ellen, as the rest of the finalists applaud from the audience.


First up, Monroe tells Wanda that he's going to dance the ski, disregarding Wanda's warning not to dance too long, and eats up quite a bit of his talking time. Nikki is beyond thrilled to be on her idol's show, so she doesn't waste any time dancing and gets right down to spreading her joy and telling her jokes. Rod Man is the last guest, and he kills it, making Ellen laugh it up. The audience votes - and Rod Man is the winner, giving him immunity for this week.


The finalists return to their headquarters at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club to vote for which comic they want to put into tonight's head-to-head standup challenge. Surprisingly, Lachlan gets the most votes - which also gives him the right to choose who will go up against him. Since D.C. said that he and Lachlan would put on a good show should they wind up in the head-to-head together, Lachlan picks him.


That night, D.C. and Lachlan bring their A-game to The Comedy Store. Keenen advises them not to compete and to play to the front of the stage. D.C. is first to take the stage, and he's got some great stories about unagi power gone wrong. Russell and Keenen love the set, but Roseanne tells D.C. she's not too happy with it. Watch D.C.'s set here.


Lachlan tells the audience that he doesn't trust the Internet - it's just too big. That's where many tales of his hilarious interactive adventures begin. Here's a taste: "Books are for prisoners." Roseanne tells Lachlan that he seems more confident, and all three judges salute him on a fine and funny job. Watch Lachlan's set here.


The deliberation is tough, but at the end of the night, the judges decide to keep Lachlan on the show. D.C. is fine with the decision; he had a great time and went further than he expected.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 22:00
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Last Comic Standing



Short Synopsis

Mentor Wanda Sykes coaches the comics as they compete for a coveted guest spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.