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Ironside and Holly are driving through New York after work when he notices a suspicious driver on the corner curb. As they approach, two masked men exit a nearby shop and fire at the parked vehicle, killing the driver. Inside the shop, Ironside and Holly find a dead body at a backroom poker table. He profiles all the evidence left behind by its abandoned players.

It seems the thieves left before they could grab the real stash in a nearby safe. The only known witnesses the cops could've used to build an investigation have been exterminated. There were eight people at the table and Ironside's team identifies six including Harold Carr, the robbery's first casualty. Four have been interviewed and their stories remain consistent: two gunmen wearing ski masks and carrying shotguns held up the game, but Carr wouldn't open the safe.

High-rolling Buddy Rovner, the hotshot young player fresh off of a World Series of Poker championship, set up the game. Having acquired a massive amount of debt and a nasty drug habit, Buddy has turned his attention to underground games. Ironside and Holly find Rovner in the penthouse suite of the nicest hotel in town... suds deep in a Jacuzzi full of naked women.

Buddy's debt is spiraling out of control and he's just trying to stay in the game long enough to break even. He tells Ironside he mentioned the game to a supplement dealer named Gus Benson, who took advantage of the information and held up the players. The robbers were masked, but Buddy knew their identities. Gus owns a boxing gym in Red Hook and looks like he might be planning another heist.

Teddy and Virgil scope out Gus' gym, but the relationship between the partners has become increasingly heated and it's affecting their work. After the pair confirms another heist is about to go down, Ironside realizes an undercover cop must play at the next poker table. Teddy volunteers, wanting to prove his worth not only to Virgil, but to the entire team.

Teddy, Virgil and Buddy arrive at a penthouse suite downtown and trash the room, making it look legit. When Buddy asks to take a shower, Virgil lets him, but only if he keeps the door open. They don't want any funny business going on. As the minutes tick by, Teddy and Virgil check on their informant and find him passed out in the tub with an empty vial of speed.

Buddy is stabilized and taken to the hospital. Ironside decides to close the mission, but Teddy begs for a chance - after all, what do they stand to lose? Reluctantly, Robert gives Teddy the go-ahead. With the rest of the team outside in surveillance vans, Teddy talks himself into the game and takes a seat at the exclusive table. When he looks around, though... he notices Gus Benson sitting across from him.

When Gus' partner arrives with two guns in tow, Ironside realizes Gus is at the table. He orders all officers to crash the game just as Gus and his man begin the heist. The player next to Teddy reaches for his gun but Teddy stops him, which alerts Gus in the process. Pointing a shotgun at his face, Gus demands that Teddy explain what he was doing.

The police arrive in a timely manner, storming the game and arresting the two robbers. But Teddy isn't satisfied with the results. What happened to the plan? He never made the call for backup! Ironside tells Teddy he could've been killed, but Teddy is left feeling underappreciated and distrusted once again.

Ironside realizes Buddy played the odds by overdosing. He almost died overdoing the speed, but death would have been certain if he had joined the poker game. Ironside then realizes that Gus already tried to kill Buddy once, but Harold Carr saved him by jumping in front of the bullet. Buddy is overridden with survivor's guilt.

As Teddy writes up his transfer papers, Virgil stops him. Being the "rich kid" on the squad is more than Teddy can take. He thought attitudes would be different on Ironside's team but they're not. Virgil deletes his transfer request. Teddy is his partner and even though they butt heads sometimes, they're still a team. The two leave the office to bond over some drinks.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 23:00
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Short Synopsis

Ironside's team investigates a string of heists at high-stakes underground poker games. Meanwhile, Teddy and Virgil's working relationship strains the investigation, threatening everyone's safety.