In Gayle We Trust

About the Show

Maple Grove insurance agent Gayle Evans has just returned from a week-long business trip when she's approached by a bombastic stranger. Theatrical and overly confident, Rafael reveals that he's days away from completing his first musical, "Policies! Policies!," an insurance-themed love story in two acts. Rafael has arrived in the Midwestern hamlet to seek final inspiration from his muse, Gayle, and to stage the entire production in all of its grandeur before introducing Broadway to its next blockbuster hit.

We soon learn, however, that Rafael is not the gifted impresario he presents, but rather an insecure man with a half-baked script. Finding herself in the eye of the tornado, Gayle must now juggle clueless executive producers, a wannabe movie star, a melodramatic teen diva, an actor with paralyzing stage fright, an always bitter rival and many more hiccups in her pursuit of protecting Rafael's dream and helping to make "Policies! Policies!" the crowd-pleasing, roof-raising hit Rafael always dreamed it would be.