In the season finale, the heroes race to thwart Samuel's vengeful plan to kill thousands of innocent people in Central Park. Volume Six: Brave New World begins.

In the aftermath of the Carnival shooting, Eli holds Claire in Samuel's trailer. Samuel has a plan to win Claire to his side: he brings her to the Hall of Mirrors where Damien extracts H.R.G.'s memories. Apparently, H.R.G.'s beloved first wife was pregnan

Upset by his dream of Emma, Peter convinces Angela to tell him where to find Sylar, who's at Matt's, begging for help. Sylar wants Matt to extinguish his powers, so he has a hope of leading a different life. Matt doesn't think he can do it, but promises t

After passing out at H.R.G.'s apartment, Hiro is rushed into surgery, a last ditch effort to save his life. While unconscious, he finds himself at the Burnt Toast Diner, now a kangaroo court room, presided over by his dead father Kaito and Adam Monroe. Hi

Hiro and Ando break Mohinder out of the mental hospital. Mohinder puts Ando up to using his red lightning as electro-shock therapy to unscramble Hiro's brain so he can teleport them out of Florida.

Angry at her father for lying to her about Nathan's death, Claire asks him not to attend the wake, where she finds Peter unable to mourn. When Peter disappears, Claire follows him to a shooting rampage in progress in a nearby office building. Peter confro

With his brains scrambled, Hiro finds himself in a crowded Tokyo marketplace. Speaking in his own particular code built from sci-fi and comic book references, Hiro apprehends a purse snatcher before the cops bring him back to Yamagato. Kimiko wants to cal

Still reeling from Chandra's film, Samuel takes on a new right-hand man, Eli, a multiplier who's able to clone himself. Samuel sends him to retrieve the Primatech files from H.R.G.'s apartment. Meanwhile, H.R.G.'s plans for a date with Lauren are scotched

Three families celebrate Thanksgiving. Peter and Nathan force Angela to tell them the truth about Nathan's death. She confesses that she had Matt force Nathan's personality into Sylar's body. Sylar takes control of Nathan's body and is about to kill Angel

Having lost control of her powers, Tracy retreats to H.R.G.'s apartment where Claire finds her mid-meltdown. When Claire tries to help, Tracy inadvertently freezes her. Luckily, Claire regenerates and the girls bond -- it's hard to make friends in the nor

There's a giant train wreck in New York City, and Peter is rushing around trying to heal everyone he can. The only trouble is, that each time he heals someone, his energy is depleted. Despite the chaos, Emma finally finds the strength to use her medical s

Still wearing his hospital gown, Hiro slips back in time three years to find himself outside the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas. Elated to see the love of his life, waitress Charlie Andrews, Hiro is determined to save her from her fate, death by Syla

When the cops insist they'll only release Jeremy to a family member, H.R.G. calls "Aunt Tracy." Samuel tries to convince Tracy that she should bring Jeremy to the Carnival, giving her a compass so she can find her way back "home." When H.R.G. and Tracy le

Realizing that Hiro's life is ebbing away, Peter imports his ability, then teleports into H.R.G.'s bathroom. Does H.R.G. know a healer? Peter and H.R.G. teleport to a small town in Georgia, where the corpses of teen healer Jeremy's parents have just becom

Claire becomes suspicious of new roommate Gretchen, when it looks like she's created a near fatal accident during a sorority pledge. Stunning Claire, Gretchen reveals her true motive with a kiss! After an argument with her mother, who wants her to quit gr

Claire visits her father, concerned that he's without a plan, and offers some advice. Sometimes you have to remember who you were to figure out who you want to be. Unbeknownst to anyone except Lydia, H.R.G. starts a file on Edgar. Tracy decides to get her

Claire's been avoiding Gretchen like the plague, but there's really nowhere to hide in a co-ed dorm. Deciding to trust, Claire finally comes clean with Gretchen, and invites her to be roommates. In California, Matt's trying to fend off Sylar while on a dr

Claire's attempt to start over at college hits a major snag when she discovers that her roommate has committed suicide - or did she? Living the lonely bachelor life in D.C. and struggling to find purpose, H.R.G. offers to help Tracy get her life back by h

Hiro embarks on a new mission to undo the wrongs of the past, and H.R.G. finds a compass, which ultimately leads to the Carnival. Unable to control his ability, Hiro inadvertently time travels 14 years into the past to bump into Samuel at the Carnival. Sa