No College Necessary!

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Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates delivers r
No College Necessary!
Bill Gates attended Harvard for two years when he decided to leave and start Microsoft, becoming the world's richest college dropout worth o…
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Apple Introduces New iPhone At Worldwide Developers Conference
No College Necessary!
Steve Jobs officially dropped out of Reed College after one semester but unofficially audited classes that interested him before accepting a…
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Facebook's F8 Conference
No College Necessary!
Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard then left the university behind after his sophomore year. Forbes now estimates …
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The Marriage Ref
No College Necessary!
Rachael Ray is currently a food world juggernaut, but she was just a college dropout from Pace University before hitting it big by teaching …
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Director Steven Spielberg Visits Musee d'Orsay
No College Necessary!
Steven Spielberg dropped out of California State University, Long Beach to make his short film "Amblin'," which eventually earned him a dire…
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Escape To Total Rewards At Gotham Hall, New York
No College Necessary!
Sean "Diddy" Combs studied business at Howard University until he dropped out to intern at a record company in New York City and eventually …
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Woody Allen
No College Necessary!
Woody Allen always knew he wanted to be a writer, so it was no surprise when he dropped out of New York University to earn money as a joke w…
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Portrait Of President Truman
No College Necessary!
Harry Truman may have been President of the United States, but he never earned a college degree. He dropped out of two schools to run a habe…
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Industry Leaders Address Oracle Software Conference
No College Necessary!
Millions of children use Dell computers to complete their homework everyday, but few know that Michael Dell dropped out of the University of…
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Portrait Of Ralph Lauren With Horses
No College Necessary!
Ralph Lauren went to Baruch College to study business until he dropped out after two years and eventually started his own clothing line now …