Fallen Reality Stars

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Survivor All-Stars
Fallen Reality Stars
Richard Hatch, the first winner of "Survivor," failed to report his million-dollar winnings to the IRS and was convicted of tax evasion.
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Nick Hogan Arrested in Florida
Fallen Reality Stars
Nick Hogan, star of "Hogan Knows Best," paid a steep price on his need for speed when he crashed his car, severely injured his friend, and s…
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Tangerine Lounge & Nightclub Celebrates Two Years Welcomes Social House
Fallen Reality Stars
VH1 cancelled the third season of "I Love Money" when one of its contestants committed suicide after he killed and mutilated his wife and fe…
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3rd Annual Avant Garde Fashion Event And "Shark City" After Party - Inside
Fallen Reality Stars
From teenage heartthrob to broken reality star, Corey Haim aired his troubles on the reality show "The Two Coreys" until his fatal overdose …
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Gosselin Court Hearing in Norristown Pennsylvania
Fallen Reality Stars
The Gosselins portrayed a loving family on "Jon and Kate Plus Eight"; but strife behind the camera caused a rift, and they filled for divorc…
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Big Brother Season 9 - Live Finale
Fallen Reality Stars
Adam Jasinski, winner of "Big Brother 9," found a unique way of investing his $500,000 prize money - by starting an illegal oxycodone drug r…
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TV Guide Magazine's "Hot List 2010" Party
Fallen Reality Stars
Russell Armstrong and wife Taylor Armstrong were living the glamorous life on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" until Russell committed…
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Fallen Reality Stars
Joseph Cerniglia had his restaurant lambasted on the cooking reality show "Kitchen Nightmares" then later committed suicide by jumping off a…
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Fallen Reality Stars
Amber Portwood found her actions have consequences when child services took her to jail after they saw her on "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mo…
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The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
Fallen Reality Stars
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt found out what happens after their 15 minutes runs out as they told the tabloids, "everything we were doing, …