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Oliver Richard

Mark Valley stars as Oliver Richard on NBC's legal drama series "Harry's Law."

Valley is a versatile film and television actor who is known equally for his comedic, witty turns and for his dramatic, weighted performances. Valley is a familiar face to television audiences, having appeared last season as FBI Agent John Scott on the sci-fi drama "Fringe." Valley's additional television credits include his three-year role as Brad Chase on "Boston Legal," as well as starring roles on "Keen Eddie" and "Pasadena" and recurring roles on series such as "Once and Again," "ER," "The 4400" and "Swingtown."

Valley has an impressive list of film credits including John Schlesinger's "The Innocent"; "The Siege" with Denzel Washington; John Frankenheimer's "George Wallace," in which he played Robert F. Kennedy; "The Next Best Thing" with Madonna and Rupert Everett; and, recently, "Shrek the Third" as the voice of Cyclops. Valley also penned and performed the one-man show entitled "Walls, Wars and Whiskey" about his experiences growing up in upstate New York and in the military.

Valley graduated from West Point majoring in math and engineering and began his acting career while serving overseas in the Army. The Gulf War veteran is a native of Ogdensburg, New York.