See - Onsite Player

Season finale! Hannibal frames Will, convincing Jack and Alana that Will's the copycat killer.

Unhealthy Curiosity - Onsite Player

Hannibal convinces Jack and Alana that Will could be the copycat killer.

Preparing the Bait - Onsite Player

When Dr. Gideon escapes to terrorize Alana and Dr. Chilton, Hannibal and Will go on the hunt. Eddie Izzard guest stars.

Selective Memory - Onsite Player

Will tracks a killer with mental instability similar to his own.

Lies of a Father - Onsite Player

Will, Jack and the BAU team hunt for a serial killer who creates a totem pole out of his victims' bodies.

Officer Down - Onsite Player

A deadly symphony hall killing forces Will to hunt a defiant killer.

Emergency Surgery - Onsite Player

Will races to stop a rogue surgeon extracting organs from his victims.

Imagining a Murder - Onsite Player

The Chesapeake Ripper taunts Jack Crawford with guilt from the past.

Confronting Demons - Onsite Player

Jack and Will search for a killer who turns his victims into angels.

A Shocking Splash - Onsite Player

Abigail Hobbs comes out of her coma with new information about her father.

Fighting for Life - Onsite Player

Will and Jack race to apprehend a serial killer using humans as fertilizer.

An Acquired Taste - Onsite Player

Series premiere. Troubled FBI profiler Will Graham finds an unlikely ally: Dr. Hannibal Lecter.