Season finale! Hannibal frames Will, convincing Jack and Alana that Will's the copycat killer.

Unhealthy Curiosity

Hannibal convinces Jack and Alana that Will could be the copycat killer.

Preparing the Bait

When Dr. Gideon escapes to terrorize Alana and Dr. Chilton, Hannibal and Will go on the hunt. Eddie Izzard guest stars.

Selective Memory

Will tracks a killer with mental instability similar to his own.

Lies of a Father

Will, Jack and the BAU team hunt for a serial killer who creates a totem pole out of his victims' bodies.

Officer Down

A deadly symphony hall killing forces Will to hunt a defiant killer.

Emergency Surgery

Will races to stop a rogue surgeon extracting organs from his victims.

Imagining a Murder

The Chesapeake Ripper taunts Jack Crawford with guilt from the past.

Confronting Demons

Jack and Will search for a killer who turns his victims into angels.

A Shocking Splash

Abigail Hobbs comes out of her coma with new information about her father.

Fighting for Life

Will and Jack race to apprehend a serial killer using humans as fertilizer.

An Acquired Taste

Series premiere. Troubled FBI profiler Will Graham finds an unlikely ally: Dr. Hannibal Lecter.