Will engineers a final showdown between Hannibal and the Red Dragon, putting his own life in danger.

Convinced that the Red Dragon will strike at the next full moon, Jack and Will grow desperate, and Alana turns to Hannibal for help.

The Red Dragon finds ways to communicate with Hannibal directly while Will reaches out to Bedelia for help.

With Hannibal behind bars, a new threat arises in Francis Dolarhyde, and Jack is once again forced to turn to Will for help.

When Will is captured alongside Hannibal, Alana and Margot work together to rescue him from Mason's clutches.

Will and Jack reunite in Florence while Hannibal mounts his last stand.

Will, Chiyoh, Jack and Inspector Pazzi all close in on Hannibal's location while Alana and Mason get a new lead.

Drs. Frederick Chilton and Alana Bloom join Will and Jack in the search for Hannibal.

One of the survivors of Hannibal's bloodbath arrives in Italy. Plus, Will pays the Lecter estate a visit.

Eight months after being stabbed, Will travels to Italy in search of Hannibal.

Hannibal and Bedelia Du Maurier relocate to Europe, where Dr. Lecter resumes his murderous reign.