A Taste of Hannibal: Ep. 213 Mizumono (5/23/14)

Alas, it's a truth that all great banquets must come to an end. And so our final Hannibal course of this season, this Friday's "Mizumono," awaits the pleasure of your company. In Japanese cooking, Mizumono is a final, tiny plate, often a luscious piece of fruit. But those of you expecting something petite and refreshing best gird yourselves for a beastly finish. The final mouthful may feel more like a taste of Japan's notorious Fugu - a fish whose poisonous flesh can leave a diner numb and unable to breathe.

With the self-consumed Mason Verger no longer a threat, and Miriam and Bedelia too twisted by Dr. Lecter's meticulous manipulations to finger him, it falls to Jack and Will to finally catch the cannibal. Our man Jack has caught the scent of blood and you can expect to see him risk all that he is and all that he has to see that justice is done. And, this being Hannibal, it'll all revolve around a very special dinner. Those who watched the premiere know that Jack is in for an evening to remember.

"... after rare beef and wine, when the lobes turn red, was the time to ask favors or tell bad news."
- M.F.K. Fisher

Jack is nothing if not determined to handcuff Hannibal (or worse) and deliver him the unfortunate news of his Miranda rights. But as several now-deceased killers found out the hard way, capturing Hannibal is no easy task. We won't spoil the showdown here other than to say that if the scent of blood is in your nostrils too, you won't be disappointed.

Will, Alana and countless victims, families and friends of justice will all be rooting for Jack. When it's all said and done, we'll wager that, like us, you'll be exhausted, queasy and hungry for more. And for this we can be thankful: NBC announced this week that Hannibal will return next year to serve up a third season.

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