A Taste of Hannibal: Ep. 204 Takiawase (3/21/14)

Here's a taste of what to expect from the next episode of Hannibal, airing March 21 at 10/9c.

The official title of the episode is "Takiawase." In Japanese cooking, Takiawase is another course, typically a medley of ingredients that are served together but have been simmered in separate pots so as not to confuse their flavors. An apt title indeed for this week's episode, a series of potboilers that finds a holistic healer with a skewed sense of mercy, an incriminating and unsavory new shade emerging in the human mural case and our friend Will making a devilish deal in a desperate bid to learn what Hannibal really did to him.

Will's reputation as a psychiatric oddity is making him something of a prized commodity in the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane - at least for its director, Frederick Chilton. Could there be a card to play? As Will's learned before, dealing with Dr. Chilton is dangerous medicine - but the cure can't possibly be worse than the punishment he'll endure for the crimes he's been accused of.

Last week in court, Will and his attorney got an earful of evidence that Will has a not-so-secret admirer, someone willing to tip the scales of justice to make a statement. With a killer clearly on the loose, Jack's forensics team slaps on the exam gloves and re-examines everything - even their own notions about Will.

This week's question - Is Hannibal all bad?

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