Growing Up Fisher - Season 1

Despite the divorce, the Fisher family decides to embark on their annual trip to Catalina Island.

Growing Up Fisher - Season 1

Joyce's free-spirited sister, Madi, wreaks havoc on the Fishers. Erinn Hayes guest stars.


Joyce struggles to keep a secret when she discovers Katie has big plans with her boyfriend; Mel embarks on his third first date with Allison.

GROWING UP FISHER -  Desk/Job - Episode 109

Joyce must face her fear of confrontation while stuck in the return line at a furniture store.


Terrified he might go blind on his birthday, Henry embarks on an important sightseeing mission.

Work With Me

Joyce's part-time gig at Mel's law firm causes some full-time problems.

Trust Fall

When Katie rebels against her parents, Mel and Joyce must team up to teach her - and themselves - a valuable lesson.

The Date from Hell-Nado

Mel and Henry fall for a mom and daughter while Joyce crashes Katie's date with a man of her own.

Growing Up Fisher "Blind Man's Bluff"

Henry discovers he can use Elvis to his advantage in the dating world.

Growing Up Fisher Series Premiere

Henry Fisher's world changes forever when his parents get a divorce and his blind dad appears to replace him with a guide dog.