When Katie rebels against her parents, Mel and Joyce must team up to teach her - and themselves - a valuable lesson.
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J.K. Simmons
Jenna Elfman
Eli Baker
Ava Deluca-Verley
Lance Lim
Jason Bateman
Tags: growing up fisher, jenna elfman, J.K. Simmons, blindness, blind, trust, Tracking, teen rebellion, rebel, teenager, teen

Trust Fall

Season 1
Episode 104
Air Date 03/18/14

Henry and Runyen's less-than-exciting night helping Joyce with her homework is thankfully cut short when Katie calls in an emergency pickup. Joyce rushes Henry and Runyen to Mel's, but Mel insists on joining her, so the whole gang arrives to find Katie standing outside a high school party... surrounded by cops. Although she swears no drinking occurred, Mel and Joyce disagree about whether to believe her and, regardless, how she should be punished. The argument escalates at home, and when Katie storms to her room in frustration, Henry turns to Runyen - can he stay with Runyen's family tonight? He needs a break from the craziness.

The next day, Joyce and Mel continue to squabble on the phone about Katie's actions - Joyce assumes the best, Mel assumes the worst - which culminates with Mel falling into a construction pit because he didn't trust Elvis to guide him. This causes a sea change, and soon Mel supports Katie even more than Joyce, giving his blessing to what sounds like the most obvious teen lie - an unsupervised study group at a friend's house. Either way, Joyce concedes to Mel's new perspective on trust over a glass of wine - until a cell phone alert interrupts them with a message about Katie's whereabouts. For all his talk about trust, Mel used an app to track Katie's cell phone, and now she's on the move.

Meanwhile, Henry basks in the glory of Runyen's quirky and stable family. Not only do they eat a home-cooked meal and serve up amazing donuts for dessert, but they sing karaoke, too! It's not until the very end of the night that Henry discovers why Runyen neglected to invite him over in the past - he sleeps in the same room as his grandma, a loud snorer and creepy sleepwalker. It's impossible to fall sleep.

Joyce and Mel race to find Katie and, in turn, ramp up their paranoia about what she could be doing. Is she experimenting with drugs? Sex? Or worse - drugs and sex? Their fears hit panic mode when they track Katie to a shady apartment complex and discover her at the door of... Runyen's apartment! Apparently Henry called Katie to pick him up, not wanting to bother either of his parents. Joyce and Mel try to play it off, but Katie refuses to let them off the hook. In the end, everyone agrees to trust each other a little more... although Katie lets Henry know she's milking this for a while.