Adalind returns to Portland with Nick's mother as her bodyguard.

While Sergeant Wu recovers from his Aswang encounter, Nick and Hank investigate the attempted theft of an Ancient Egyptian Wesen mummy at the local university.

A gruesome baby-eating Wesen torments members of Portland's Filipino community, and Sargent Wu has an encounter that he can't explain.

Nick and Hank continue the hunt for the Wildesheer, a vicious Wesen serial killer who only targets worthy adversaries.

Grimm - Monroe places engagement ring on Rosalee Calvert's hand

Nick and Hank hunt a vicious Wesen murderer on a killing rampage who only chooses "worthy" opponents.

Grimm - A Manticore on his back in Episode 311, "The Good Soldier"

Nick and Hank investigate the vigilante murders of the members of a platoon of war veterans who were accused of atrocious crimes while serving overseas.

Grimm- scene from episode 309, "Eyes of the Beholder," of gang members assulting a woman

Nick and Hank find themselves knee-deep in a wave of gang violence that has Wesen roots.

Grimm - Olga standing behind Myshkin sitting in chair from Red Menace

Nick delves in the world of Russian healers, while Juliette helps an abused friend.

Grimm - Krampus walking through woods

Alligator-like bite marks on a murder victim's body send Nick crawling into Portland's sewers in search of a violent Wesen. Nick and Hank battle the Krampus, a legendary anti-holiday Wesen who preys on the naughty youth of Portland.

Nick and Hank battle a powerful, vengeful Wesen who is determined to clean up the mean streets of Portland by murdering street thugs.

A watery revenge killing leads Nick to discover a new Wesen species.

While the gang tries to stop Zombie Nick's ruthless rampage and Renard exacts his revenge on Eric, Adalind works to restore her Hexenbiest powers.

Season 3 returns with rampant zombies and an undead Nick wreaking havoc on Oregon.