Nick and Hank continue the hunt for the Wildesheer, a vicious Wesen serial killer who only targets worthy adversaries.

Grimm - Monroe places engagement ring on Rosalee Calvert's hand

Nick and Hank hunt a vicious Wesen murderer on a killing rampage who only chooses "worthy" opponents.

Grimm - A Manticore on his back in Episode 311, "The Good Soldier"

Nick and Hank investigate the vigilante murders of the members of a platoon of war veterans who were accused of atrocious crimes while serving overseas.

Grimm- scene from episode 309, "Eyes of the Beholder," of gang members assulting a woman

Nick and Hank find themselves knee-deep in a wave of gang violence that has Wesen roots.

Grimm - Olga standing behind Myshkin sitting in chair from Red Menace

Nick delves in the world of Russian healers, while Juliette helps an abused friend.

Grimm - Krampus walking through woods

Alligator-like bite marks on a murder victim's body send Nick crawling into Portland's sewers in search of a violent Wesen. Nick and Hank battle the Krampus, a legendary anti-holiday Wesen who preys on the naughty youth of Portland.

Nick and Hank battle a powerful, vengeful Wesen who is determined to clean up the mean streets of Portland by murdering street thugs.

A watery revenge killing leads Nick to discover a new Wesen species.

While the gang tries to stop Zombie Nick's ruthless rampage and Renard exacts his revenge on Eric, Adalind works to restore her Hexenbiest powers.

Season 3 returns with rampant zombies and an undead Nick wreaking havoc on Oregon.