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Eye of the Beholder

Nick meets with Juliette and her friend, Alicia, who's still staying with them to avoid her abusive boyfriend. When Alicia momentarily excuses herself, Nick tells Juliette that Alicia is a Wesen. Juliette begins to panic, but Nick assures her that everything is fine. She just needs to make sure that she keeps Nick's Grimm identity a secret.

Later that night, a young man sits in a diner across town with his girlfriend, a waitress who works at the restaurant. As the man leaves the diner, he stumbles into the midst of a vicious gang fight. He manages to get a good look at the attackers before they flee, but there's a problem: the attackers got a good look at him, too.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene to investigate. Another witness informs Nick he saw a young man fleeing the scene. Inside, a waitress tells Hank that she thinks the victim was involved in gang activity. Later, the young man who witnessed the attack calls to tell his girlfriend that he believes he might be in danger. She suggests that he keep quiet to avoid getting himself into more trouble.

Wu tracks the info provided by the diner witness and finds Nick's suspect, Jared Ellis, the young man from the diner. When Jared sees the detectives, he makes a break for it but Nick easily catches the young man and hauls him off to the station. At the station, the detectives dig into the witness. In the interrogation room, Jared refuses to tell the detectives anything about what he saw at the diner. Jared is clearly afraid for his safety, so how can the detectives convince Jared to testify in a gang case?

Nick and Hank head to the hospital to talk to one of the victims in the assault. During the questioning, the woman transforms into a Yaguarete, a jaguar-like Wesen. Eventually, the victim tells Nick that the Seventh Street Savages were responsible for the attack. Nick heads to Monroe's to learn more about Wesen gang culture, but that's not really Monroe's scene. Surprisingly, Rosalee proves to be a wealth of Wesen gang information. She tells Nick that the Seventh Street Savages and the North End Crew are fierce rivals, and if the Savages are in town, something big is happening.

That night, some of the Savages kidnap Jared's girlfriend in order to lure Jared and tie up their loose ends. Moments later, two more gang members arrive at Jared's apartment. Luckily, Jared's sister is on the phone with Hank, who rushes to the scene. Police sirens scare off the gangsters before they can do any damage, but one thing is clear: Jared is safe only if he helps Nick and Hank, who take him into protective custody.

The next morning, Alicia's abusive boyfriend, Joe, arrives at Nick and Juliette's house. He attacks Nick, but Juliette puts up an impressive fight against the vicious Wesen. Nick finally manages to get his cuffs on Joe. After the attack, Alicia expresses her gratitude toward Juliette and reveals her Wesen form. It's an honor for Juliette to behold, and she can hardly contain herself.

Jared checks in on his girlfriend and learns that the Savages are holding her hostage. When Hank realizes that Jared has escaped from the safe house, he's able to track the young man's phone call to determine where he is headed. By the time Nick and Hank locate him, Jared is already in the house with the Savages. Jared has a surprise up his sleeve, though: he's a Yaguarete, too.

Jared manages to take out one gang member before Nick and Hank enter to clear the house. In a final face-off with the Savages leader, Jared's sister, who is also a Yaguarete, attacks the gang leader and saves her brother's life. Nick tells Hank to get Jared's sister out of there so that he can make up a cover story to protect them.

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Grimm- scene from episode 309, "Eyes of the Beholder," of gang members assulting a woman
Grimm, episode 309, Eyes of the Beholder, gang members, assult
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Friday, January 10, 2014 - 21:00
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Nick and Hank find themselves knee-deep in a wave of gang violence that has Wesen roots.