Season finale! The group relapses when Ryan fails to dispose of Janie's ashes.

Faced with Carrie's crush, Ryan finds solace inside K-BAL's mascot suit.

Anne and Ryan compete for the affection of a lover's heart. Courteney Cox guest stars.

Mr. K's history comes to light as his compatibility algorithm wreaks havoc on Lauren; Ryan plays yenta for Danny and Sonia.

After getting Janie's life insurance check, Ryan self-medicates with gambling.

Ryan's wedding ring gets in the way of romance; Mr. K babysits Anne's kids. Bradley Whitford guest stars.

Ryan tries to find inner peace, while Lauren obsesses over a critical evaluation. Ned Beatty, Piper Perabo and Terrell Owens guest star.

When Ryan starts dating Simone, Janie's ghost throws him off his game. Piper Perabo guest stars.

Ryan feels threatened when the charismatic - and hot - Simone returns to the group. Piper Perabo and Terrell Owens guest star.

When he decides to start dating again, Ryan gets unexpected competition... from Olympian Shaun White!

Mr K. finds new purpose; Ryan gets a golden opportunity to audition for his idol, Bob Costas. Rich Eisen guest stars.

Ryan and Steven go head-to-head over a college buddy. Lauren Graham guest stars.

The group intervenes when Ryan manifests a classic grief symptom: compulsive eating.

Ryan's stoked to get an invite to join Jeremy Roenick's hockey game - but there's a catch!

A sportscaster with anger issues must attend grief counseling to keep his job.