Episodes (22)

Urn-ed Run

S1 E2204/11/13
Season finale! The group relapses when Ryan fails to dispose of Janie's ashes.

Fast Breakup

S1 E2104/04/13
When Carrie lets her feelings be known, Ryan finds solace inside K-BAL's mascot suit.

Matchup Problems

S1 E2003/26/13
Anne and Ryan compete for the affection of a widow's heart. Courteney Cox guest stars.

Go for the Gold Watch

S1 E1903/19/13
Mr. K's history comes to light as his compatibility algorithm wreaks havoc on Lauren; Ryan plays yenta for Danny and Sonia.

Double Down

S1 E1803/05/13
After getting Janie's life insurance check, Ryan self-medicates with gambling.

Ring and a Miss

S1 E1702/26/13
Ryan's wedding ring gets in the way of romance; Mr. K babysits Anne's kids. Bradley Whitford guest stars.
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