Episodes (8)

She Sang Hymns Out of Tune

S1 E1006/05/16
It all ends here. On the explosive season finale, the crew pulls together for their final chance at vengeance, and no one will emerge unscathed.

The Truth

S1 E906/02/16
Faced with going to prison again for Bobby's murder, Gil resorts to desperate measures to get revenge on Ray Carroll. Marina learns the whole truth about Quitman.


S1 E806/02/16
Gil and Jessie get their most explosive evidence yet on Carroll. The game of revenge has Jackson and Shawn losing their grip.

Road Trip

S1 E705/19/16
Jackson, Jessie, Gil and Shawn knew that exacting revenge would have a price, but they never imagined it could cost them everything.

Into the Black

S1 E605/13/16
Shawn puts his life on the line to avenge Boots' death. Marina learns the truth about Jackson's past. Jessie becomes Carroll's favorite volunteer.

Hurricane Gil

S1 E304/21/16
Unsatisfied with the taped confession already elicited, Gil goes to question Bobby again with disastrous results. Jackson continues the search for evidence to incriminate Warden Carroll.
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