A special two-hour Fear Factor has a special prize of $100,000 at stake.

Contestants must save their partners from a locked cage underwater, eat a box lunch of cockroaches and grasshoppers, and more.

Partners face being catapulted off a building, getting stuck in a
coffin with snakes and hanging from a chopper over water.

The partners face getting catapulted off a building as well as being covered in snakes on the way to the $50K prize.

Four teams of exes face challenges from escaping from a submerged car, climbing on top a moving bus, and getting dropped into a speed boat from a helicopter on the way to the $50,000.

Fear Factor returns, as family members complete stunts that include hanging from a speeding helicopter, eating scorpions and being strapped to the grill of a semi truck, all on the way to the $50,000 cash prize.