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Scott Grimes

Dr. Archie Morris

Scott Grimes ("Band of Brothers") plays Dr. Archie Morris, the stringent new chief resident on NBC’s hit drama "ER." Once a recurring actor on "ER," Grimes now joins the cast in its 12th season as a series regular.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, as a child, Grimes launched his entertainment career in 1980 in the Tony award-winning Broadway musical, "Nine." He has performed with Bob Hope, The Carpenters, and Merv Griffin to name a few. And his music has been heard on the Golden Globe award-winning show Party of Five.

Before he became an actor, Grimes considered a career as a professional hockey player, and continues to play for celebrity charity events. He is well known for his role as Sgt. Donald Malarkey in the critically acclaimed "Band of Brothers" the World War II miniseries on HBO. He has also starred in the blockbuster feature film "Crimson Tide," as well as the 1999 feel-good feature "Mystery, Alaska."

In addition, Grimes has numerous television guest-starring roles in such series as "Party of Five," "Wings," "21 Jump Street," "Star Trek," and "Who’s the Boss?"

Away from the set, Grimes regularly plays with his band, "Scott Grimes and the Misdemeanors."

Grimes’ birthday is July 9.