The Emmys Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

Two weeks after Robin Williams' death, the Emmy Awards paid tribute to the late actor and comedian.

Williams' longtime friend and fellow actor and comedian Billy Crystal took the stage to say a few words about the star, a two-time Emmy Award and Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner.

"He made us laugh. Hard," said Crystal before sharing an anecdote about the time he, Williams and Whoopi Goldberg attended the New York Mets' Comic Relief Day at Shea Stadium. Unlike Crystal, Williams was not a baseball fan, so to help him join the conversation in the broadcast booth, Crystal asked Williams to portray a Russian baseball player. Without missing a beat, Williams joked in character, "We only have one team: The Reds."

Crystal went on to call Williams supportive, protective, loving and the greatest friend. "It's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives," he said, concluding by comparing Williams to celestial bodies that equally burned bright before fading out of existence.

"Their beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever," said Crystal. "The glow will be so bright it'll warm your heart, it'll make your eyes glisten and you'll think to yourselves: Robin Williams, what a concept."


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