Grayson attempts to demonstrate his geomagnetic energy to a London crowd, but The Order goes to great lengths to sabotage the presentation.
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Jessica De Gouw
Thomas Kretschmann
Katie McGrath
Nonso Anozie
Victoria Smurfit
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Servant of Two Masters

Season 1
Episode 107
Air Date 01/03/14

(Excerpts from The London Inquisitor, 1896)


Alexander Grayson attempted to demonstrate his amazing geomagnetic energy machine earlier this week in a busy area of downtown London. Grayson's team of engineers spent the entire week assembling the massive device, only to see their efforts thwarted at the last moment when constables were forced to shut down the presentation, apparently due to the breakout of a bizarre illness in the surrounding area. The bobbies claimed that Grayson's machinery caused the illness, but many suspect that the plague of illnesses can be chocked up to a cruel act of sabotage. But who would want to take down Alexander Grayson? It appears that list is a long one, which only continues to grow as Grayson overstays his welcome in London.


Magnetic energy is not Mr. Grayson's only interest as of late. It seems that Grayson has sent his most trusted colleague, Mr. R.M. Renfield, on a trip to Hungary to procure a rare work of art known as the Dresden Triptych. While the piece is not commonly known, it is highly valued for its antiquity and pristine condition. Renfield purchased the Triptych on Grayson's behalf for a reported 1 million Hungarian coronas. There is no word yet as to whether Grayson will be displaying the lavish art in the near future.


Miss Mina Murray, the daughter of the respected Dr. Murray, has volunteered to organize a lavish ball for the residents of her father's mental institution. According to inside sources, Miss Murray wasted no effort in convincing her father that a dance would be beneficial to his patients, and Mr. Grayson (who seems to be in the news quite often as of late) volunteered his vast resources to procure a full orchestra and d├ęcor for the event. Rumor has it that Grayson even made a brief appearance at the gala, where he shared a dance with Miss Murray and several residents before making a hasty departure.


An inside source informs us that Mr. Jonathan Harker was recently summoned to a meeting with a group of unknown business leaders in the London area. While the source could provide no information as to the subject matter of the nebulous rendezvous, the meeting was reportedly shrouded in secrecy. Our reporters will be keeping a sharp eye trained on Mr. Harker's business affairs in the near future, which may shed light on the nature of the meeting in question.


A police constable was found brutally murdered in downtown London last night, the victim of an apparent animal attack. It is the latest in a string of brutal murders that have plagued the metropolis over the past several weeks. Thus far, investigators have announced no leads or possible motives, although the murder did occur just outside of the warehouse where Alexander Grayson's geomagnetic energy demonstration was scheduled to take place. Is the murder somehow linked to the shut down of the demonstration, or is it just a bizarre coincidence? Fear not, brave residents of London! The Inquisitor is on the case!

Dracula - Lady Jayne Wetherby lovingly fingers Alexander Grayson in "Servant To Two Masters"