Van Helsing's sunlight serum is put to the ultimate test when Mr. Browning puts Grayson in a precarious position.
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Jessica De Gouw
Thomas Kretschmann
Katie McGrath
Nonso Anozie
Victoria Smurfit
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Of Monsters and Men

Season 1
Episode 106
Air Date 12/06/13

(Excerpts from The London Inquisitor, 1896)


Mr. Alexander Grayson has added yet another British business to his ever-expanding list of properties with his recent acquisition of Empire Colonial Metallurgy, which Grayson reportedly procured in a high-stakes poker game earlier this week. It appears that Grayson intends to use the company's nickel-steel alloy as a key component of his evolving energy business, so the well-played poker hand appears to be a masterstroke for the young American entrepreneur.


During his first meeting as the owner of Empire Colonial Metallurgy, Grayson addressed the company's board of trustees at a London solarium. Mr. Grayson is a night owl, rarely venturing away from his research at Carfax Manor during the day, so his attendance at the meeting was unexpected but appreciated. Grayson's appearance was a brief one, though, as he was summoned away after only a few inspiring words to his board members.


Young socialite and all-around woman-about-town Lucy Westenra seems to have upgraded her social circle. An unnamed source informs our reporters that Lucy has been seen socializing with the prestigious Lady Jayne Wetherby as of late. Additionally, rumors have been circulating that Lucy's relationship with her closest friend, Miss Mina Murray, has begun to deteriorate. It seems that Miss Westenra is upgrading her social status with the help of a few new friends. Good on ya, Miss Lucy!


The local bobbies came upon a gruesome scene in a local London theater recently when they happened upon the body of up-and-coming actress Miss Vera Markham, who was found deceased only a few short hours after she graced the stage in a local production. Early reports indicate the cause of death as a traumatic wound to the neck. No further details are available at this time, but The Inquisitor will relay all pertinent information as it becomes available.