Crimes of Passion

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Episode # 10403
Crimes of Passion
Jack kidnaps Jennifer on her wedding day to Emilio in order to profess his love, but she winds up unconscious at the bottom of a cliff. Fail…
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Episode # 10425
Crimes of Passion
Lucas and Sami conspire to tear Austin and Carrie apart, tricking a drugged Austin to sleep with Sami.
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Episode # 10976
Crimes of Passion
Obsessed with saving Melanie from her abusive father, Nick Fallon kills Trent Robbins, only to then convince Melanie that she killed Trent.
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Episode # 11285
Crimes of Passion
EJ masterminds Sydney's kidnapping to get closer to Sami, with the ultimate goal of rejecting Sami!
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Episode # 11366
Crimes of Passion
Thinking her beloved Shane is dead, Kimberly Brady sleeps with Cal Winters. When Shane walks in on them, Kimberly shoots him by mistake!
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Episode # 11419
Crimes of Passion
When Sami learns that EJ was responsible for Sydney's kidnapping (thanks Rafe!), she shoots EJ in the head!
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Episode # 11491
Crimes of Passion
Vivian escapes her sarcophagus trap in time to imprison Victor's new love (and her replacement), Maggie!
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Episode # 11510
Crimes of Passion
While on a sedative, Hope's "nighttime" alter ego tries to kill Bo as revenge for their breakup. Nighttime and daytime Hope go to prison!
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Episode # 9688
Crimes of Passion
Caroline Brady threatens to shoot Victor Kiriakis to stop him from exposing the truth about Bo's father. Victor was Bo's father, not Shawn!
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Episode # 9933
Crimes of Passion
Sami kidnaps her half-sister, Belle, to protect the fact that John - not Roman - is Belle's father.