Alice Horton

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"Days of our Lives" Set
Alice Horton
Portrait of Frances Reid as Alice Horton
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Episode # 10322
Alice Horton
Grandma Alice was always there to play the supporting role in all her grandchildren's lives.
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Episode #9734
Alice Horton
Even Alice deserved an extra Valentine's Day kiss in the kissing booth!
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Episode # 9956
Alice Horton
Alice is eentertained by Julie's very festive holiday costume.
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Episode # 10324
Alice Horton
Alice and Maggie shared in some fun times!
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Alice Horton
Alice cherished her role as Great-Grandma Alice.
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Episode # 10405
Alice Horton
Bo always looked up to Alice as if she was his Grandma.
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Episode # 9714
Alice Horton
Christmas time was always a special time to Alice and her family.