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Wednesday - 09/03/14

Kristen and Marlena meet up with Daniel and Kayla, and it's revealed that Kristen has asked Stefano to come up with an experimental drug to bring John out of his coma. However, Daniel and Kayla have received only part of the formula. They will receive the rest once Marlena has gotten Eric to agree not to testify against Kristen. Marlena is appalled, and Kristen maintains it's Stefano's wish, not hers. Marlena leaves, and Daniel and Kristen have a terse exchange. After visiting John, Marlena makes the decision to make Stefano's request to Eric.

Theresa questions Brady about why he made love to her after weeks of trying to put distance between them. He avoids disclosing his encounter with Kristen, and instead vaguely says it was a one-time mistake. He apologizes for sending her mixed signals, and though hurt, Theresa plays it off like it's no big deal. While Brady goes off to visit John, Theresa heads to Club TBD, where she calls Anne to share her news about Brady. Kristen, having tracked Theresa down, overhears and prompts her to tell her more.

Earlier, Eric and Nicole argue about her latest deception. Sami chimes in, and she and Nicole get into a nasty tiff. Eric drags Sami off and gets her to open up about her fears about Stefano coming back. Later, Sami returns home, where she is chilled to see Stefano's portrait back up on the wall. Meanwhile, Caroline blasts Nicole for her part in Eric not returning to the priesthood.

JJ and Paige share an evening of fun and romance as they celebrate their last night of summer. While hanging out by the lake, a mysterious figure snaps photos of JJ...

NEXT ON: Aiden throws caution to the wind with Hope.

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Kristen makes a power move that sends ripples through Salem.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kristen makes a power move that sends ripples through Salem.