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Wednesday - 08/20/14

Eric arrives at the courthouse to give his testimony to the grand jury and runs into Kristen. Against her lawyer's advice, Kristen waylays him and offers something of an apology. In court, a strong Eric recounts all he knows about what was done to him. Later, an indictment is handed down, and Kristen is arraigned. The D.A. asks that bail be denied. But the judge has other ideas - and Kristen allows herself a small smile.

Brady, tempted to have a drink, finds his will power and resists... and then encounters Theresa who has heard about Kristen's return. The conversation takes an uncomfortable turn for Theresa when Brady says he's not giving up on John's eventual recovery. Later, Nicole connects with Brady, knowing that Kristen's return tortures him. Eric arrives, having given his testimony, and they all hope Kristen will eventually be convicted.

Daniel grills Nicole about why Eric has decided not to return to the priesthood. Nicole reveals Eric feels he's not worthy because of the hate he feels for her. Daniel reiterates how betrayed he feels and tells her to keep her distance. Later, he picks up Parker from Paige and learns Eve has settled the lawsuit with Jennifer. He crosses with Theresa and lets her know he finds her story about what happened to John a little suspicious. Theresa is unsettled.

Jennifer presents Eve with a final offer to settle the lawsuit - with the added ultimatum that Eve clam up in public about Jack, his book and the movie. Eve has realized it's settle now or risk getting nothing later - so she signs, but hates it and later tells Theresa she's doubling down on getting JJ out of Paige's life. Jennifer goes home and gives JJ the great news about the settlement, but the celebration is put on hold when Abigail returns home, clearly upset.

Sonny and Will are waiting anxiously for Will's article to come online, but Sonny still feels guilty about how Abigail, though unnamed, is referred to in Will's takedown of EJ and Sami. To help assuage Sonny's worry, Will calls Abigail and alerts her to the story, saying she'll want to read it. When it finally comes online, she's curious and begins to read... Back at the apartment, Sonny gets to the article first and can't believe what he's reading. He turns to Will, furious.

NEXT ON: EJ rips into Sami for once again going after Abigail.

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Will's article is published - and all hell breaks loose.

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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Will's article is published - and all hell breaks loose.