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Wednesday - 08/13/14

Jennifer, Hope, Sami, EJ, Nicole, Marlena and Eric are stunned by Kristen's return. As Daniel tells his story, Sami, Nicole and Marlena's tempers flare. Hope stops them from getting at Kristen and takes her to be questioned. Nicole lays into Sami when EJ goes off to act as Kristen's attorney - and Sami returns fire when she learns from Eric that he had to turn down the cardinal's offer of reinstatement because of his hatred for Nicole. Eric laments to Nicole that if only Kristen had been found sooner, he might have had the chance to still love Nicole. Meanwhile, EJ tells a stunned Kristen he is cutting ties with her.

Jennifer follows Daniel to the hospital and does her best to reconnect. However, Daniel still thinks they should remain apart.

Brady wakes with a sense of dread. He finds himself at the lake, where he remembers a hot moment with Kristen. He runs into Theresa and tells her he needs to focus on the future. Later, Marlena tracks him down and tells him Kristen is back.

NEXT ON: Sonny feels guilty about the secret he's keeping from Will.

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Kristen stuns all her enemies with her return to Salem.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kristen stuns all her enemies with her return to Salem.