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Wednesday - 07/30/14

Kayla's horrified by Sami's demand that Abigail be fired from the hospital. Kayla tries to talk sense into Sami, but she can only convince her stubborn niece to allow Abigail to resign. On her way out, Kayla lets Jennifer know Sami's on a rampage. Jennifer confronts Sami, and they have a heated exchange. Meanwhile, EJ approaches Abigail. She's reluctant to even speak to him, but EJ surprises her with his emotional honesty, regretting what they did while hoping Abigail can find a way past it all, and most importantly not to think any less of herself. Abigail goes, grateful for EJ's efforts to make her feel better. Later, Abigail is stunned to learn she's out of a job. Having had enough, Abigail charges over to confront Sami.

Kate makes a mysterious proposal to Victor. Later, she runs into EJ, who's worried she and Sami are going to harm DiMera Enterprises beyond repair. Victor calls EJ and summons him for a visit.

Kristen has Daniel tied up when Brady calls on Daniel's phone. Daniel does his best to alert Brady, but Kristen hangs up and expertly covers her tracks. Daniel realizes Kristen wants to use him to lure in Brady, and she happily confirms that will happen - tonight.

Nicole runs into Maggie, who surprises her by not objecting to Nicole reaching out to Brady as a friend. Later, Brady confesses to Nicole he's been thinking about Kristen.

Eric prays for guidance at the monastery, confessing to Brother Timothy that he hates the attraction he feels for Nicole, given all she did to him. It makes him worried about taking the trip to Rome with her, even though he knows she's the only one who can clear him with the Vatican and allow him to return to the priesthood.

NEXT ON: Abigail and Sami have a major standoff!

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Daniel is horrified when he discovers Kristen's plan for Brady.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Daniel is horrified when he discovers Kristen's plan for Brady.