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Wednesday - 07/23/14

Sami finally breaks down and reveals to Caroline how much EJ's betrayal has hurt her. She also admits, despite all, she still loves him. Caroline advises her granddaughter not to focus on anger and revenge but to deal with her emotions so she can heal. After Caroline leaves, Sami sees how much being a family with EJ means to Allie. When EJ returns home with Johnny, Sami reaches out to him... is she ready to forgive?

Earlier, EJ spends quality time with Johnny. They run into Rafe, and EJ expects him to throw his affair with Abigail in his face - but to his surprise, Rafe refrains. Later, Jennifer comes upon EJ and lets him have it, accusing him of using her daughter.

Kate meets up with Clyde and is disappointed when he relays he had a "happy" reunion with his kids. He then warns if she doesn't help him break up Rafe and Jordan, he will expose her part in bringing him to town. Later, Rafe confides to Kate he's going to tell Jordan about their night of sex. He then pressures Kate to explain why she participated in Sami's revenge, and she finally blurts she did it to avenge what Stefano tried to do to Rafe.

Jordan and Clyde clash over the past. Meanwhile, Ben finally confesses to Abigail that Clyde is his father and Jordan is his sister.

Earlier, Abigail supports Jennifer in her decision to take a hard line with Eve. JJ is upset, knowing this will complicate things with Paige. Later, JJ asks Aiden about the lawsuit, and Aiden makes a cryptic remark about bad marriages.

Earlier, Hope and Aiden are skittish around each other after the feelings they experienced at the gala. Aiden makes a quick exit, and Kayla realizes Hope has feelings for him. Flustered, Hope rushes out and tells Ciara they are going on a summer vacation - immediately.

NEXT ON: Hope is horrified when Ciara invites Aiden and Chase to join them on vacation.

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Jennifer blasts EJ over his affair with her daughter.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jennifer blasts EJ over his affair with her daughter.