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Wednesday - 06/25/14

Jennifer wonders if Eve still holds a grudge against her because of Frankie. But Eve quickly insists she doesn't - she's here to talk about Jack.

Theresa confides in Anne that Brady isn't quite as into her when they're not partying. However, she later realizes John is the key to keeping Brady by her side. John tries to get through to Theresa, asking her to leave his son alone, but his plea falls on deaf ears. At the same time, Brady seeks out Maggie, and he confides he's using cocaine. He admits he's scared, and Maggie gets him to attend a meeting.

EJ tells Abigail her behavior will only draw suspicion. Abigail is having a hard time going through with being Sami's maid of honor, but EJ pleads for her to do this one thing. When Ben shows up, EJ invites him to the wedding to escort Abigail. Ben agrees, and after EJ's gone, Ben tells Abigail he doesn't get a good feeling about that guy. They share a kiss, and he promises he will take her to the wedding.

Abe informs Marlena he's officiating at Sami's wedding. Marlena is glad he'll be there as she will not be attending. Later, EJ makes his case for Marlena to attend, but she declines.

NEXT ON: Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer concerning Jack!

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Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side.
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Days of our Lives
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side.